Susan Friday, December 3, 2010

If you don't have the cash to spend on some decent boots but you need some for a costume, consider this method.


The Boots:
Leather scraps
Contact Cement
Studs or other decorative items
For Spats:
Fabric  (or leather)
Matching Thread
Sewing machine
Pattern paper

Start with a standard pair of Wellies in your size - usually around $20 a pair, and they come in large sizes.
Photo from
Next, use your leather scraps to cover the toe and most of the foot of the boot. Use contact cement to apply the leather to the rubber. (Note: these have not been weather tested yet. Update will follow.) You can just cover them with one layer of leather, or add some decorative touches like I did here:

Next, you need to make Spats. There is an excellent tutorial on Threadbanger here:
Zoh Morrigan shows you how to make Spats!

I used her method for pattern making, but because I wanted to use Wool instead of leather, I made 2 of each piece so I could make a lining and have clean edges.

Once the spats were made, I marked the edges for button holes and applied buttons.

The buttons are a combination of gears and some wooden buttons that have Rub-n-Buff applied.

A final costume pic :


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